Retail Products

Pollo Asado

These boneless, whole trimmed chicken thighs are perfectly seasoned and ready for grilling.  The pollo asado seasoning combines several ingredients including oregano to create the perfect spice combination for you to cook.

Chicken Adobada

Chicken Adobada Diced chicken breast with adobada seasoning.  The flavor profile is similar to al pastor and is completely msg free! Pre-cut and Pre-seasoned!

Diced Carne Asada (picada)

Heartland’s famous cut “picada” is the Spanish term for “diced.”  This perfectly diced USDA Choice Beef is used by most Mexican restaurants for Carne Asada in burritos, tacos, taco salads, etc.  We’ve made it easy for you to have pre-seasoned, diced carne asada.  All you have to do is cook it.

Sliced Carne Asada

Our sliced carne asada comes pre-seasoned and pre-sliced.  It’s ready-to-cook and ready for your grill after you open the package.  Our carne asada is USDA Choice grade beef and absolutely delicious.

Pork Adobada

Pork Adobada is made with fresh pork cushion and is diced and seasoned to perfection.  One of our top sellers, pork adobada, combines a spicy and vinegar flavor profile to suite your palate.

Beef Chorizo

Heartland beef chorizo is made with all natural spices and is free from msg.  This product is made with ground beef and never includes any byproducts like most chorizos.  You’ll be surprised how much less grease this product has from most.

Pork Chorizo

Heartland pork chorizo is made with ground pork perfectly seasoned for chorizo.  Unlike most, there are no byproducts in this chorizo.  A medium profile, this chorizo seasoning is not overpowering nor is it greasy when you cook it.